UK law firm saves £15,000 a year with EMC unified storage for effective disaster recovery


BIS_76692Last week we announced a new customer – TWM Solicitors. The UK based, mid sized law firm, based in Surrey has completely revamped its server and storage infrastructure, choosing EMC VNX unified storage to better support its commercial and private law services.

The IT transformation took nearly two years to implement and has resulted in increased storage utilisation by 200% as well as cost savings of £15,000 per year.

TWM has 170 staff at six sites in Surrey and needed to better support its customer service and ongoing virtualisation program. Alan Barratt, Head of IT at TWM Solicitors said his team had to manage their servers very closely, whether it was updating drivers, installing new software or the physical maintenance of the machines. If a site went down, it would take the company days to get it back up and running. The legacy Dell storage environment was no longer providing adequate capacity and system performance and the firm’s IT department experienced difficulties meeting the growing needs of its internal users.

After exploring a number of solutions, TWM chose EMC VNX unified storage with VMware vSphere for its performance and tight integration with VMware. This decision was easy according to Alan: “What pushed it towards EMC was the level of engagement we experienced. NetApp made us feel we weren’t important and Dell tried to push a product that just didn’t fit for us.”

TWM’s experience with this transformation is typical of many UK SMEs currently undergoing a transition to virtual server environments. This switch is extremely simple and cost effective for the company and enables an effective disaster recovery position to be put in place.

Previously, every time TWM wanted to run a new application it had to purchase and install another server, which could take 2-3 weeks. “EMC’s technology has had a dramatic impact on business performance. We were able to transform our IT infrastructure and move to a more innovative and agile environment,” says Alan.

“We’ve been able to retire 35 Dell servers since implementing VNX, capturing £15,000 per year in power and cooling cost savings. We expect our VNX investment will pay for itself in less than three years,” said Barrett.

The full press release can be found here.

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