UK Government invests in digital technology


Earlier this week it was announced that the UK government is committing £42 million for investment in digital technologies. The plans are focused in particular around data handling and the Internet of Things.

The announcement is part of a larger plan aimed at ‘developing and nurturing the very best of British entrepreneurial talent’. It will include competitions for digital start-ups to secure funding, as well as continued investment in Tech City and the Open Data institute.

The government is also getting involved in developing the pipeline of cyber talent by teaming up with the Open University to launch a cyber-security course. This is great news, as it will allow 200,000 individuals to study the topic online and will push the UK forward in its skills development in the cyber arena, helping to protect us better in the future.

It is promising to see the government stepping up its involvement in the world of digital technology. In light of the recently published Policy Exchange report, we’re looking forward to seeing how this will be reflected in manifestos for the 2015 general election, to be announced at the parties’ conferences this autumn.

The report revealed technology has the potential to completely reinvent and enable government. Amongst other findings, the report also showed that although the government is already working on a number of projects to deliver cost efficiency and service benefits for citizens, digital transformation can deliver a windfall for the public sector of $24 Billion by 2020! We hope to see policy makers putting technology at the heart of their thinking ahead the election.

To find out more, take a look at our blog post on the Technology Manifesto report and watch the Technology Manifesto debate that took place last month. Alternatively you can download the full report here.

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