Sustaining Universal Healthcare: Making better use of Information


James Petter, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, EMC, launches a new report with Volterra considering the future of healthcare in the UK

Every medical professional in the UK, to one degree or another, today faces the challenge of managing a growing patient population with a diminishing set of resources.

By the end of this decade it is predicted that the NHS will face a funding gap of £34 billion, only £5bn less than we spend on defence as a whole today. At EMC we feel passionately that a ‘Wellness Model’ as advocated by many of the NHS’ leaders today, is key to tackling this challenge. We wanted to investigate how a more joined up approach to using information insights could deliver this model, and its efficiency benefits, to the NHS.

Today we launched a report with Volterra, “Sustaining Universal Healthcare in the UK: Making better use of Information.” This report will add to the body of evidence that shows that the current patchwork efforts to maintain the NHS are unsustainable. It illustrates that more fundamental reforms are required to preserve the spirit of the NHS: universal healthcare for all, free at point of delivery, based on clinical need and not the ability to pay. With talks of a fresh ‘NHS tax’ after the General Election in 2015, discussions around “paid for” GP visits and more, the NHS’ founding principles are under serious threat today.

We have a window of opportunity to act on the recommendations in this report and build a new infrastructure for the 21st Century NHS; maintaining its founding principles but transforming the way it delivers patient care through innovation in the use of data. Significantly this isn’t just about saving money, but done correctly, the impact of this report will make for a healthier UK too. I hope you find the report and its findings as insightful and provoking as we did.

You can view the report in full here and join in the conversation on Twitter via #NHSdatareform.

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