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The role of the CFO has evolved. With the key role technology now plays in business success, CFOs have the ability make big investment decisions that influence the future of a business. With this in mind, the Transformative CFO blog on CFO World, by our very own Steve O’Neill, is dedicated to technological issues CFOs are facing today and offers advice for those tackling these challenges in their business.

Steve is CFO EMEA Strategic Operations at EMC and is responsible for the company’s overall financial and operational strategy and commercial engagement in EMEA. With over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, he has some great insights to share on technological issues relevant to today’s CFOs.

In his most recent post, Steve discusses why CFOs should consider flash storage as a solution to their data storage challenges. Flash storage has historically been the more expensive option compared to traditional hard disk drives and is therefore quickly ruled out as an option. Given the amount of digital data being created and consumed is growing exponentially however, companies needing to store, secure and manage data in order to succeed as a business now face the tough challenge of meeting staff and customer needs and compliance requirements, whilst keeping the costs down. To address this, Steve discusses the benefits that make flash worth considering.

Another crucial issue facing companies of all sizes and around the world is cyber risk. The number of risks companies are facing is growing all the time and increasing in variety, and the potential costs to companies suffering a cyber-attack are considerable. However, even though understanding and planning for risk are part of a CFO’s remit, few CFOs had any processes set in place to manage cyber risk. Another of Steve’s posts laid out why CFOs are no longer able to turn their back and pass the buck when it comes to cyber risk: Cyber risk? Not my job.

Other topics discussed by Steve include why it is so important for companies to manage the exposure to risks of their digital data, which has become quite a challenge with technological developments such as public and hybrid cloud, and how the businesses that will be most successful in the future are those who are making the most of their data to gain real value, and the role of a CFO in achieving this.

So, keep an eye out for updates on the blog, and in the mean time you can find Steve on Twitter to get further insights from this transformative CFO.

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