RSA Conference 2014 – Boldly going where no conference has gone before


RSA Conference 2014, saw over 30,000 people attend. The show has no doubt left attendees with security firmly front of mind.

Art Coviello’s keynote called on governments, intelligence agencies, vendors and individual organisations to adopt a governance model that will enable them to defend us more and offend us less.

He said, “Information has become more easily accessible, and more valuable. We are in the midst of a fundamental and historic shift in the use of Information Technology, a shift that is already having monumental implications for the future of our society and culture. The rapid expansion and democratization of technology has brought the agendas of disparate groups crashing together with unpredictable consequences.”

Art called on all nations to adopt and implement certain principles:

1. Renounce the use of cyber weapons, and the use of the Internet for waging war

2. Cooperate internationally in the investigation, apprehension and prosecution of cyber criminals

3. Ensure that economic activity on the Internet can proceed unfettered and that intellectual property rights are respected around the world

4. Respect, and ensure the privacy of all individuals.

Art also discussed the nature of current trends like digital technology, big data, and the internet of things which are becoming a potential path out of every societal ill, but also a path to destructive power.

As well as Art’s keynote, the event saw a number of other announcements during the week including the news that RSA is teaming with Pivotal to offer security analytics and a big data playbook. RSA also announced that it is bringing its security products to business of all sizes through a new managed security program which sees Verizon Enterprise Solutions as its headline global service partner.

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