Our Top Three Predictions for 2014


adrian steve jamesWith 2013 quickly drawing to a close, we have asked a few of our EMC leaders to look to the future and share their technology predictions for 2014.

Adrian McDonald, President EMEA EMC on cloud in 2014:

Fewer than four per cent of Enterprise IT workloads will move to the Public Cloud in 2014, with most efforts focused on Private and Hybrid Cloud development.  We also expect that successful organisations will use cloud to reduce the unit cost of IT by more than 38%, whilst the average time for new application deployments will be reduced by more than 20%. This reduction in cost and acceleration in agility will free up IT departments to innovate beyond its core service delivery duties, supporting the business with new services which make use of their cloud infrastructure, potentially delivering new revenue and growth.

James Petter, EMC UK MD on market disruption and business leadership in 2014:

What many CEOs are contending with now is a very real and immediate sense of market disruption. Whether this is through regulation, market consolidation and/or technology, businesses are being forced to undergo substantial change in order to keep or grow their market position. Pioneering leaders are needed in order for organisations to stay ahead amongst such volatility. 2014 will need business leaders with real insight into the subtleties of their market place, as well as an excellent radar as to what’s coming next to succeed. There are a number of great CEOs already successfully setting an example here. Our own CEO, Joe Tucci, has found a structure for change and growth that has seen EMC go from strength to strength. Jeff Immelt of GE has stepped in and made an already innovative company even more so. Whilst these are strong figures and powerful leaders, it is in the structures and culture they have created in which they have demonstrated their leadership. They have enabled and empowered a culture of change which helps secure, extend and maintain their tenure at the top and I’d advise other businesses to follow their lead and leadership approach in order to drive success in 2014.

Steve O’Neill, CFO EMEA Strategic Operations EMC on the role of the CFO in 2014:

2014 will be the year of the strategic CFO, with CFOs making the transition from book-keeper to a broader strategic adviser and even the CEO-in-waiting. Managing this scale of corporate transformation requires many of the skills CFOs have. In fact, few are better placed to bridge line of business siloes and support the CEO in assessing and analysing new risks, building business cases for transformative investments, and performing ‘blank page’ planning for the future, relatively unencumbered by attachment to legacy investments and infrastructure. In 2014 CFOs must look to understanding the “why” of their business in order to focus on the strategic “what”, that ultimately will assist in the transition to a business enabler and a more strategic and fulfilling CFO role, a far cry from the ‘CF-no’ of old.

Three distinct views of what 2014 will hold from three different areas of the industry. We’d be delighted to know what you think, whether you agree or if you have a completely different view. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog or even send us a message via Twitter or Facebook.

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