MWW brings fresh produce faster to customers with EMC


To get the tastiest, healthiest produce, it’s imperative that fruits and vegetables arrive at their final destination without delay. As one of the UK’s largest distributors of fresh produce, Minor, Weir & Willis (MWW) knows this like no other. So when Rajinder Gill, Chief Financial Officer at MWW, concluded that an unreliable IT infrastructure was hampering productivity and efficiency, delay was not an option.

“Every time our system went down, we were forced to process every sales order and every receipt manually. Productivity suffered,” Rajinder told us in a recent interview.

With the UK food supply constantly hanging in the balance, retailers are under pressure to operate within a just-in-time model that relies heavily on fast delivery of produce. Poor management of information results in delays and errors that can lead to large-scale waste and the knock-on effect of higher prices on the consumer. Struggling to gain a centralised view of logistics and distribution data, it became apparent that MWW business users were making distribution decisions with information that wasn’t always current or consistent across the company.

To resolve these issues quickly, MWW turned to Synapse, an EMC Velocity Solution Provider, who recommended they try EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure including EMC VNX unified storage, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) servers, Cisco networking and VMware virtualisation technologies.

With all of this improvement, MWW is able to pursue new business opportunities more easily Rajinder told us. “VSPEX has enabled us to create our own private cloud that allows us to easily grow our infrastructure and has opened the door to continue to advance our infrastructure and incorporate backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.  We can simply roll out new capabilities to our clients that enable us to pursue opportunities in new geographic markets.”

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