Media trip to the Anti-Fraud Command and Control centre – Israel


Image3 RSZThe third European media trip to the RSA Anti-Fraud Command and Control Centre (AFCC) in Israel took place earlier this year. The AFCC visit provided a first-hand view of how RSA deals with the increasing levels of cybercrime and the advanced persistent threats taking place every day globally.

Journalists Matthew Finnegan from Computer World UK and Rene Millman, from IT Pro, represented the UK media.

The journalists were given an overview of the cyber threat landscape, underground cybercrime and APTs as well as an organised tour of the AFCC which provided an insight into the daily running of the command centre and how RSA deals with live persistent threats.

Over 100 analysts work around the clock, 24/7, leading the global fight against “external threats” such as phishing, crimeware, Trojans, and pharming attacks and working with thousands of ISPs, registrars, and other hosting entities worldwide to mitigate and shut down attacks. The AFCC has been responsible for over stopping over 400,000 cyber attacks on organisations around the world, and in the last year have discovered a variety of new trends in malicious cyber activity, including the sale of malware via popular social network pages.

Matthew and Rene met with Daniel Cohen, head of the cyber operations department at RSA, who provided a behind-the-scenes look at the type of new technologies being used to tackle the increasing number of cyber threats.

You can see more about the inner workings of the AFCC in this this video.

Matthew and Rene’s detailed insights from the visit can be viewed in the following articles:

Matthew Finnegan, ComputerWorld UK

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