James Petter Begins Writing for NewStatesman


Last month, EMC vice president and managing director, James Petter, began writing a column for NewStatesman.com. James will be writing regularly for the website, with the aim of providing industry insight from his unique perspective.


So far, James has had two articles posted. His first piece, titled ‘Escaping the “black hole”: how to measure cybercrime, analyses the considerable threat of e-crime in a positive and novel light; stating that we in the UK should be proud of the threat, for we have things to steal. He also confirms that really, we’re doing alright in our attempts to repel cybercriminals; that ‘we may not be winning the war, but we’re not losing either’.


James’ second post considers the NHS’ “secret weapon”, stratified medicine. This is the idea that costly and unnecessary tests could be cut out, with illnesses being dealt with before symptoms manifest. The practice stems from research into patients’ genetic markers, which can illustrate which treatment options will provide the quickest and most effective treatment for an individual.


Keep track of James’ views and other industry leaders on the New Statesman.

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