Hand of Thief – the Trojan targeting Linux


RSA continues to discover new tools cybercriminals are using to attack unknowing members of the public. Following on from reporting about the commercialisation of the KINS banking Trojan, RSA has now revealed that a Russia based cybercrime team has its sights set on Linux users by offering a new banking Trojan. Like KINS, this appears to be a commercial operation with support agents and software developers.

This latest Trojan has been dubbed ‘Hand of Thief’ and has been designed to steal information from machines running the Linux operating system. While similar malware has been offered to developers, this targeted the Windows OS which has a significantly larger user base. This difference in potential reach has led to some commentators saying that the ‘Hand of Thief’ has been priced well over market value, as it is being sold within closed cybercrime communities for $2,000 USD.

For more detail on the ‘Hand of Thief’ and RSA, visit the RSA Speaking of Security blog

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