Five-year project to support growth in patient information at St. Helens & Knowsley


Earlier this year we announced that St. Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust installed two EMC Symmetrix® VMAX systems as part of a new five-year plan to overhaul its storage infrastructure. The Trust’s award-winning Informatics Service, which supports 14,000 users, selected EMC to help it more effectively manage the Trust’s increasing data storage requirements and provide medical professionals with quick and secure access to patient information, anywhere and at any time.

This is a great example of recent developments in the NHS impacting on Trusts’ abilities to manage data. St Helen and Knowsley in particular found that, with its two hospitals already paper-free, its digital storage requirements had dramatically increased from 10TB to 40TB in just three years.

In December 2010, the Trust chose EMC Symmetrix VMAX to provide a new cloud-based storage infrastructure, to provide its medical professionals with rapid and secure access to patient data, including x-rays, medical records and clinical scans. The time it takes to back-up information has been reduced by up to 70%, making the process less resource intensive and more secure from a Disaster Recovery perspective. VMAX will also allow the Trust to effectively manage its anticipated data demands over the years ahead – despite the Trust’s predictions of 20% data growth in the next year.

Phil Corrin, Deputy CIO at St. Helens & Knowsley, said “Patient care is at the centre of every technology decision we take and we need to ensure that medical staff have access to the information they need, whenever they need it. As the Trust becomes increasingly digitised, our storage requirements are only going to increase, but we know that EMC VMAX will help us to rise to the challenge.”

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