EMC Heritage Trust Project grant awarded to two UK organisations


At the end of May we shared a post on the Heritage Trust project and how it was founded to recognise small local community programs, and award grants to help digitise historic or cultural artifacts. While the Heritage Trust Project is a smaller part of the larger Information Heritage Initiative program, the work is of vital importance. So far EMC has recognised 35 global projects with Heritage Trust grants, helping to advance the conservation of information heritage.

The Grant Winners

EMC Corporation announced that three local organisations have been recognised as 2013 EMC Heritage Trust Project grant recipients. The grants will support projects that practice and encourage the stewardship of cultural information in local communities in the UK and Brazil.

This year, two organisations from the UK, Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum and Guernsey Evacuee Community Group, have been honored with a grant.

The Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum commemorates the memories and supports Poland’s citizens who fought for freedom and survival against Soviet and German invaders in eastern Poland during World War II.

The Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum is the product of the Kresy Siberia Foundation which started as an internet discussion forum known as the Kresy-Siberia Group. Founded in 2001, the aim of the group is “researching, remembering and recognising the Polish citizens deported, enslaved and killed by the Soviet Union during World War Two.”

The second organization, the Guernsey Evacuee Community Group, started in May 2008. Their first project involved interviewing individuals who fled Guernsey to mainland Britain in June 1940, days prior to the German Occupation of the Channel Islands.

Over 5,000 Guernsey children were evacuated with their school teachers, and many did not see their parents again for five long years. Much of what happened has only been passed on through conversation. The Guernsey Evacuees Oral History attempts to ensure these highly emotional events are recorded and available for all to consume for generations to come.

As Heritage Trust grant recipients, we hope these two organisations will be able to continue the valuable work of preserving cultural artifacts.

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