Big Data Data Science Summit London


Back in February this year EMC-Greenplum held its first edition of the Data Science Series 2012 and what an event it was! Taking place at the Hospital Club in Central London, over 200 attendees from all over the world spent the day submerged in the fascinating world of big data analytics.

The event saw an impressive line-up of the world’s leading speakers on big data such as Marcus du Sautoy, OBE  – Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford; Professor Nigel Shadbolt of the University of Southampton and Pat Gelsinger, then President and Chief Operating Officer at EMC Information Infrastructure Products to name but a few.  They all took to the stage to share their inspiring vision and practical insights on how big data is changing the world.

Each of the speakers addressed big data from their own particular field of expertise. Professor Marcus du Sautoy started by entertaining the audience with the puzzling world of maths and discovering patterns in apparent chaos. Mark Sear, Chief Data Scientist at EMC-Greenplum shed some light on how EMC-Greenplum, together with partners such as BlackSwan and SearchScience, make their client’s data work for them.

Have a watch of Wall Street Journal Europe’s Tech correspondent Ben Rooney interviewing Pat Gelsinger, on why even though Big Data is a bit of an industry buzzword, it really will have a transformative effect on corporations here

And it’ll get bigger…

Big Data Series 2012 in London was the kick-off for a series of events that will take place soon in the world’s business capitals, such as Moscow and Dubai. It’s the start of a community where information about the future of big data analytics will be shared. Where CFOs and CMOs as well as CIOs and data scientists can find inspiration to start working with the resource that is most valuable for their business: big data.

Project Lightning

Not to be overshadowed by the turnout at the event, EMC took the opportunity to unveil EMC VFCache. Formerly known as “Project Lightning”, VFCache is a new hardware and software solution leveraging PCIe Flash technology and intelligent caching.

Together with EMC Flash-enabled storage systems,  it allows you to dramatically improve application performance by leveraging intelligent software and PCIe Flash technology. Testing resulted in up-to 3X increased throughput while reducing latency by 60%.

We think this is a real game changer to dramatically improve application performance but don’t just take our word for it. Why not take a read of one of the many writes up we’ve seen over at The Register, or V3, or ZDNet or Computerworld UK

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