The countdown begins – Just six weeks till EMC World 2014!

It is only six weeks to go until EMC World 2014, the annual hotbed for EMC customers, partners and IT professionals to meet. On May 5th EMC World returns to Las Vegas for three days of IT stars, hands on product demonstrations and hundreds of technical sessions on every aspect of IT life.

Keynote speakers at the event include EMC’s top executives; CEO, Joe Tucci, David Goulden (CEO of EMC’s Information Infrastructure division), Jeremy Burton (Executive Vice President) and Amitabh Srivastava (President of EMC Advanced Software Division).

In addition, you’ll be able to hear from VMware’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger and Pivotal’s CEO, Paul Maritz talk about the importance of the EMC Federation in 2014.

There will be a lot of talk around the third platform and how businesses must recognize both the challenge and necessity that they embrace this migration away from the standard second platform of computing. Big data, cloud, mobility and social networking are all going to be key components for businesses to understand and embrace if they are to cope with the complexity of today’s IT environments.

To find out more, the dedicated Facebook page will keep you updated with the latest developments around EMC World 2014.

If you haven’t already, there is still time to register your place here. We anticipate big news this year in Vegas so watch this space for what will hopefully be the most successful EMC World yet.

A view of the 2014 Budget: building a resilient Britain


Stuart Nyemecz, district manager, regional public sector at EMC, analyses the 2014 Budget:

Yesterday’s Budget announcement from the Chancellor was underpinned by the promise of building a resilient Britain to compete internationally and drive exports from the UK, along with ensuring innovation, development and manufacturing growth in the coming years. In light of the announcement that the OBR has revised growth figures to reflect predicted growth in the UK economy of 2.7% in 2014, we would urge UK businesses to look at the opportunity for growth, supported by technological innovation, this year.

As part of yesterday’s announcement, we applaud the Chancellor’s announcement of the creation of a big data and algorithm centre, to be named after Alan Turing. It’s fantastic that the Chancellor has recognised how digital transformation and improved data analytics can be fundamental to the success of the Government’s drive for innovation and growth in the coming years, across multiple sectors including manufacturing and financial services, reflecting the focus of the budget today.

The government must also continue to push for additional potential efficiencies and innovation that will cut public sector spending for the long-term, including driving adoption of infrastructure for agile, innovative technology across central and local government. This must be prioritised in light of the news today that public sector departmental budgets continue to be under threat, particularly with the announcement of the welfare cap. Delivery and efficiency of services will be more crucial than ever.

We also applaud the drive for a focus on math, science and engineering subjects outlined by the Chancellor, particularly with support for apprentices up to degree level. Students and graduates entering the workplace will drive innovation and growth in the economy in the years to come and opportunities in these sectors are set to transform Britain’s delivery of technological innovation, product development and exports.

Liverpool Women’s Hospital Solves Green and Scalability Challenges with New IT Provisions

Liverpool Women’s Hospital specialises in the health of women and their babies – both within the hospital and out in the community. Collectively the team represents some of the most outstanding expertise and experience in this field, as one of only two such specialist trusts in the UK and the largest women’s hospital of its kind in Europe. We caught up with Cathy O’Keeffe, Head of ICT, to discuss a recent IT project.

The hospital needed to address challenges around the green agenda, as well as ensure scalability and reliability for the business. Being a healthcare organisation, 99.9 per cent uptime was a key target.

Cathy describes some of the key considerations for their decision to implement a VNX unified storage solution with EMC, “We have a new vision for IT which focuses on records management, intelligent data, and technology. We looked to EMC to help us implement a strategy to support these priorities, whilst ensuring we also created a green, holistic programme.”

Before commencing the project the hospital discovered that it would take up to a day and half to provision new storage, which has now been reduced to 10-15 minutes through the VNX solution. The hospital has experienced further benefits through immediate data availability, which is backed up to a secondary datacenter.

In 2013 the hospital used 44 terabytes of data, double that of the previous year. As the hospital’s volume of data to increased exponentially, coupled with further digitisation across the health sector, it needed to significantly strengthen it’s IT infrastructure. Being able to provision more storage quickly without any downtime is providing the agility needed to meet the core business values. This is all against a backdrop of the need to cost effectively hold all records for 25 years.

As the organisation continues to grow, with four hospitals in the near vicinity opening maternity units next year, a reliable IT infrastructure is key to ensuring consistency in the delivery of healthcare across every site. The hospital is also planning to work more collaboratively with other hospitals in the area too. As Cathy explained, “In Liverpool, through the EMC kit, we have been able to deploy a Cheshire Med Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) solution to provide a central database of PACS data and images, and patients’ results. It is run through two VNXs in two separate hospitals; so again, we deliver a safe and agile solution that delivers benefits to patients across the area.”

Cathy has found that the expectations from IT continue to increase. With the new solutions, they have found that everyone is able to do their job more efficiently, with no interruptions or any threat of unpredictable downtime. In terms of broader IT objectives, the team has also been able to further progress their virtualisation efforts, with 98% of IT now virtualised, compared to 70% prior to the VNX solution.

Team Marvel raises £140,000 for Prince’s Trust

We are very proud of EMC’s Team Marvel for winning the Prince’s Trust Million Makers regional final for London and the South East by raising the most money, within a record breaking region! They smashed last year’s EMC fundraising total by collecting a whopping £140,000, compared to last year’s £17,000. The team’s very own organiser Helen Major also won the Outstanding Individual Award – a fantastic achievement.

The team coordinated a number of successful initiatives including fun runs, bake sales and a live band night and fete. The highlight of their fundraising journey was the Savoy Gala Dinner, which was the main focus of their incredible investment and effort. The team thought the experience was invaluable, for themselves, for EMC and, of course, for the young individuals that benefit from Prince’s Trust activities. Hear more from them in the video below:


Prince’s Trust Million Makers is a national competition that challenges teams of employees and university students to join forces and raise money for the Prince’s Trust. The teams must pitch their business plans in order to secure an initial investment from the Prince’s Trust, after which the teams set up and promote their own mini enterprise. The teams then have six months to turn the funding they’ve received into a profit, competing against other teams to see which is most profitable.

In total, 20 teams participated in this regional final of the Million Makers competition, raising £758,505, which was over twice as much as their target. The national final will be taking place next week on the 12th of March in London, following the Celebrate Success Awards. The money raised during this competition goes towards the Prince’s Trust’s activities, making a difference to the lives of disadvantage young people across the UK.

The Prince’s Trust is a fantastic organisation that recognises the costs of youth unemployment and has set out on a mission to provide practical and financial support to the young people that need it in the UK. The programmes they run encourage young people to take responsibility for themselves and to build the life they choose. Fundraising events like the Million Maker’s competition are crucial, so a huge thank you to all teams that participated, and congratulations to our very own Team Marvel for their incredible fundraising achievement.

You can read more on the South East Million Makers awards night here.

RSA Conference 2014 – Boldly going where no conference has gone before

RSA Conference 2014, saw over 30,000 people attend. The show has no doubt left attendees with security firmly front of mind.

Art Coviello’s keynote called on governments, intelligence agencies, vendors and individual organisations to adopt a governance model that will enable them to defend us more and offend us less.

He said, “Information has become more easily accessible, and more valuable. We are in the midst of a fundamental and historic shift in the use of Information Technology, a shift that is already having monumental implications for the future of our society and culture. The rapid expansion and democratization of technology has brought the agendas of disparate groups crashing together with unpredictable consequences.”

Art called on all nations to adopt and implement certain principles:

1. Renounce the use of cyber weapons, and the use of the Internet for waging war

2. Cooperate internationally in the investigation, apprehension and prosecution of cyber criminals

3. Ensure that economic activity on the Internet can proceed unfettered and that intellectual property rights are respected around the world

4. Respect, and ensure the privacy of all individuals.

Art also discussed the nature of current trends like digital technology, big data, and the internet of things which are becoming a potential path out of every societal ill, but also a path to destructive power.

As well as Art’s keynote, the event saw a number of other announcements during the week including the news that RSA is teaming with Pivotal to offer security analytics and a big data playbook. RSA also announced that it is bringing its security products to business of all sizes through a new managed security program which sees Verizon Enterprise Solutions as its headline global service partner.

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